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The ARTSA Data collection covers nearly 1 million heavy (>12 tonne GVM/ ATM) and medium duty (>4.5 tonne < 12 tonne GVM/ATM) registered commercial vehicles in Australia. Its sources of data include information from the database of registered vehicles in Australia as well as various collections of heavy vehicle information including RVCS approvals. The ARTSA Data collection includes quarterly data commencing from the beginning of 2014.

These data sources are analysed by ARTSA each quarter and compiled into a series of ARTSA Data reports which include:


  • a high level summary of the overall trend in heavy and medium duty commercial vehicles


  • Truck and Trailer reports covering Prime Movers, Trailers and Rigid Trucks
  • Component reports (for release later in 2016)
  • Unregistered VIN report


  • Excel spreadsheet data including prime mover, trailer, rigid truck, bus and ancillary vehicles covering detailed breakdowns by State of registration, manufacturer, vehicle age and registration category


  • Tailored reports can be produced from the Detailed registrations statistics to meet individual company requirements.


  • Includes details on design approvals for trailers and trucks including the specifics of approvals, web links to sub assembly data and contact details

ARTSA is continuing to develop its data collection by adding new sources and also undertaking cross-analysis of differing sources to investigate commercial vehicle trends.

More details on ARTSA Data can be found in the ARTSA Data brochure or by contacting Rob Perkins, Executive Director, ARTSA, tel 0411 402 832,

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