ARTSA Data Market report – December quarter (Q4) 2018

Record breaking year for trucks and trailers, but a slow-down ahead?

The 2018 calendar year for heavy vehicle new registrations was the highest since ARTSA Data began reporting on registration data five years ago. Trailers, prime movers, rigid trucks, special purpose vehicles and buses all achieved the highest new registrations since the series started in 2014.

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Heavy vehicle knowledge transfer at a cross roads says ARTSA

Media Release

This week’s ARTSA Heavy Vehicle Training was a sell out with over 40 attendees keen to learn about engineering, certification and modifications from industry practitioners. Held over three days and delivered in collaboration with CVIAA, CVIAV and the VACC, it featured over a dozen industry experts sharing their knowledge across 26 separate topics.

“It highlights the need for knowledge transfer within the heavy vehicle sector,” said Dr Peter Hart, Chairman of ARTSA and Principal of Hartwood Consulting.

“Many of the topics covered are simply not taught in formal courses at TAFE’s or University. Formal education courses have not caught up, but needs to do so before many of our experienced people retire. It is a looming crisis that does not get much coverage,” said Dr Hart.

Whilst the heavy vehicle sector has long been known for critical shortages with drivers, little coverage is given to the need for knowledge sharing in an industry that has always been led by practical people who in many cases have learnt on the job.

“Whilst it is pleasing to have a sell-out audience to share critical knowledge in the heavy vehicle space, we need to find ways to devote more resources to the documentation and dissemination of much of the content covered in the certification, engineering and modification space,” said the ARTSA Chairman.

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ARTSA Life Member awards – seven new members brings the life membership to over 20

Media Release

ARTSA Life Members award dinner on the 6th September was another milestone for the organisation with four new life members inducted on the evening:

  • Greg Brown, Chief Engineer, MaxiTrans
  • Gary Liddle, Enterprise Professor at Melbourne University
  • John Murphy, Managing Director, Prime Creative
  • Simon Humphries, Chief Engineer, Isuzu

ARTSA also had three further awards in absentia:

  • Phil Webb, Senior Engineer, PACCAR
  • Greg Byrnes, former engineer at Air Brake Corp
  • Peter Sweatman, former Chair of ARTSA and former head of UMTRI

These further awards will be presented at the 22nd November meeting.

According to ARTSA Chairman Dr Peter Hart, “ARTSA Life Members are an invaluable source of information and we aim to harness their advice in the coming years as ARTSA’s role evolves. We very much look forward to their contribution.”

The ARTSA Life Member awards followed the inaugural ceremony in September 2016 where 15 members were inducted.

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