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ARTSA meetings on 6th and 7th March

We have some significant meetings next week to which you are invited:

Meeting with Roads and Maritime Services in Sydney to discuss tanker maintenance - 6th March
The National Bulk Tanker Association is hosting a meeting wit Roads and Maritime Services in Sydney on Thursday 6th March at St George Rowing Club ( ) in Wooli Creek, near the airport. ARTSA members are invited.

The meeting will commence at 9.30am and RMS will make a number of presentations on their recent maintenance experience. EPA NSW will also present on the recent Competent Authorities Panel decision on ESC for tankers. RMS will depart at lunchtime.

After lunch, there will be a tanker inspection and we have invited a number of supplier members to conduct a walk through of maintenance procedures and experience with safety critical components. We will have a tanker on site for this part of the meeting. The meeting will close with a forum to discuss how ARTSA can assist in the maintenance area. It is expected to finish around 3.30pm.

For those interested in attending this meeting, please let me know on There is no charge to attend

Follow up meetings from last weeks ARRB Group meeting - Friday 7th March at VTA, Wirraway Drive, Fishermans Bend, Melbourne
Last week we agreed at our meeting to hold a series of committee meetings to discuss some current issues. We will hold these meetings back to back on Friday 7th March as some people may wish to attend more than one. They are:

8.00am ARTSA VIN data project - discussion of data and possible analysis

10.00amABS trailer brake rule - discussion of changes and implications and recommendations

12.30pm PBS tyres - review of the current draft and recommended changes for forwarding to NHVR and the PBS panel

Members who wish to attend need to let Rob Perkins know on

ARTSA Agenda 19th February

A final reminder for this Wednesday's AGM and Quarterly meeting at ARRB Group in Melbourne. The agenda is full of relevant discussion and presentations including:

  • Modifications and Professional modifiers: draft code of practice proposal
  • PBS Tyres: ARTSA proposal and NHVR response
  • Vehicle roll over investigations and outcomes
  • Cabin vibration and driver comfort testing
  • ABS trailer brake rule changes and implications
  • Vehicle maintenance: NHVR program to review NHVAS
  • Heavy Vehicle Statistics Project: update.
  • ARTSA training and conferences: Forensic engineering, 27 and 28 February, and Global Truck & Trailer Leaders' Summit, 1 & 2 April

    The meeting will close around noon with a networking sandwich lunch The content is highly relevant to members We have several guests from the NHVR presenting as well as technical experts from ARRB Group

    If you have not already registered let Rob Perkins know on

    See you at 8.30am this Wednesday 19th February at ARRB Group, 500 Burwood Highway, South Vermont

  • ARTSA meetings and activities for February to April - put them in your diary

    A few of the many ARTSA agenda items for 2014 for you to put in the diary now are:

    ARTSA General Meeting and AGM 8.30am - noon, Wednesday 19th February ARRB Group, 500 Burwood Highway, Vermont South

    Our traditional start to the year at ARRB Group Technical presentations across the ARTSA agenda A sandwich lunch at noon Great networking, great content Book in now with Rob at

    ARTSA Training - the re-scheduled "Forensic engineering course" 8am - 5pm, Thursday and Friday, 27th and 28th February Lifesaving Victoria, 200 The Boulevard, Port Melbourne

    This course was originally scheduled for last November. It is now re-scheduled to February 27 and 28 and Lifesaving Victoria. Run over two days it is an 8 part course that is much more than "forensic" and covers:

  • Forensic inspection, truck and trailer fire causation
  • Vehicle dynamics, modelling and crash investigation
  • Vehicle braking and stability
  • Wear, failure modes and bearings
  • Tyres, axles, ride, alignment and steering
  • Modification to heavy vehicles
  • Advanced and emerging technologies for heavy vehicles

    With 11 expert presenters, this is an immensely valuable course on the characteristics and in-service behaviour of heavy vehicles It will not be repeated again soon so don't put this off - enrol now! To find out more and to enrol go to (and forgive me if the old dates are still up but the hot weather is making even our servers go slow!)

    Global Truck and Trailer Leaders Summit 8.30am - 5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 1st and 2nd April Lifesaving Victoria, 200 The Boulevard, Port Melbourne

    Following on from previous successful ARTSA conferences, this leaders summit will benefit from many of the world manufacturers who are coming to Melbourne for the [International Truck Trailer and Equipment Show](

    With around 25 speakers from across the world this will be an outstanding event to discuss the global direction of truck and trailer market More details are at and you can enrol on-line

    There are a couple of session sponsor packages still available Talk to Brad Buchanan on 0413 672 403

    Other issues Plenty more happening:

  • The Federal Government's announcement on the introduction of [ABS on heavy trailers]( is a baby step in the direction of improved braking outcomes in Australia.

  • Four Corners are due to air a program on the 3rd February that is likely to highlight issues around heavy vehicle maintenance.

  • RMS in NSW are working on maintenance related issues to do with tankers. We will have an opportunity early in the year to discuss their maintenance procedures and how ARTSA members can assist them to improve inspection procedures for safety critical parts

    Get your diaries out and put these dates down. Book in now for the ARTSA training and the Global Truck and Trailer Leaders Summit It will be a great 2014

  • ARTSA 5th December meeting and lunch in Melbourne

    When: 8.30am until 12 noon, Thursday 5th December with lunch to follow
    Where: Lifesaving Victoria, 200 the Boulevard, Port Melbourne

    This is the final meeting for 2013. It is a wrap of the years issues and some predictions for 2014.

    The agenda includes a discussion with David Axup, well known forensic investigator. He and Peter Hart will go head to head on issues of why things burn, how crashes are investigated and how courts determine blame.

    There will be a forum on heavy vehicle modifications and the issues that are slowly but surely bubbling to the surface. This has been a sleeper for some years but 2014 will see some action.

    The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and several of the State Regulators will give their views on the year ahead.

    Finally there will be the wrap of a whole host of issues from PBS tyres, replacement parts, the latest on heavy vehicle maintenance, ADR modifications and more.

    Bring you notebook and also your appetite as the lunch will be memorable. It is an excellent final networking opportunity for all our members.

    To attend, simply respond to

    Heavy Vehicle Modifications - changes with the roll out of the National Heavy Vehicle Law

    ARTSA members need to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding heavy vehicle modifications. In the September issue of Trailer Magazine, ARTSA will publish an article on Heavy Vehicle Modifications and the changes that will occur with the roll out of the National Heavy Vehicle Law as of 1st October 2013

    This article makes it clear as to the responsibilities of parties, the equipment covered and the approval process. It also notes that for a variety of reasons, this process is often not followed. ARTSA members should study this document carefully and advise any parties that you deal with as to the proper process, as well as ensuring that you also observe the law. Fines for non compliance are $3000.

    ARTSA also makes the point that the current process needs simplifying and that signatory recognition and insurance requirements need to change. ARTSA has made representation to the NHVR and a number of jurisdictions urging this to occur. We will continue to advocate for this change.

    ARTSA to talk safety at Freight Week in September

    Dr Peter Hart, Chairman of ARTSA will speak at Freight Week on Thursday 5th September in Melbourne. He will focus on two issues:
    • The opportunity for using ESC with its roll stability package and the positive safety outcomes
    • Why trucks catch fire. The almost epidemic proportion of truck fires of late is a major concern to all and Peter has some explanations and recommendations.

    Dont miss it -

    PBS report released

    ARTSA released its report from the two day heavy vehicle Performance Based Standards conference held in Melbourne in March 2013. Attended by 120 people from across the spectrum of PBS, it demonstrated the strong interest in this world leading scheme.

    According to Dr Peter Hart, Chairman of ARTSA "there are six strong themes that came from this event". They include:

  • Adequate resourcing of the NHVR's PBS secretariat
  • Transitioning of popular PBS designs into more generic blueprints
  • Revision of standards and development of some new ones including tyre specifications, suspension specifications, self certification and a review of braking requirements
  • More assistance for local government to better understand the PBS potential and open up their road networks
  • More work on bus standards
  • A focus on bridge assessment issues

    Dr Hart concluded by saying "we need to work together to tick off some of the hard won ideas put forward at the conference." ARTSA will be making representations to the NHVR and the NTC on some of the issues highlighted above. The conference report including papers and photos are on the ARTSA PBS 2013 page at

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