ARTSA Institute

AThe ARTSA Institute has been established in 2019 to respond the challenge of change. The world as we know it is changing rapidly. Governments are responding but often slower than change itself. The ARTSA Institute plans to look at the emerging issues and to examine them from our members angle. What will change mean for the heavy vehicle sector? How do we and should we respond? We have created an Advisory Board headed by ARTSA Chair Martin Toomey and including five of our ARTSA Life Members in Gary Liddle, David Anderson, Peter Hart, Gerard Waldron and Rob Perkins. Its challenge for 2019 is to:

  • Develop forward thinking proposals that will benefit the road transport industry and the communities at large – Join the dots across the industry and make informed proposals – Influence the debate around framing regulations for the entire industry
  • Train the next generation of future leaders
    – Events and opportunities to become actively engaged in shaping the road transport industry
    – Form research partnerships with Academics and Industry
    – Leverage off our ARTSA Life Members experience and advice
  • Add insights to ARTSA Data
    – Industry trends, benchmarking, future direction, merge ARTSA data with other data e.g. telematics, insurance reports, H&S data, registration profiles, driver profiles, freight task, infrastructure projects
  • The ARTSA Institute will be developing a list of projects and activities for 2019 and will release these during the year and at the annual ARTSA Life Members dinner on the 3rd September 2019

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