The Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association Inc. was formed in the mid 1980’s with the vision of being the technical resource for the road transport industry in Australia.

Mission Statement

ARTSA seeks to bring together manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, parts and services to the road transport industry to promote the uptake of practices and technologies that will enhance the safety, productivity and reputation of the industry and to increase the awareness of regulators to current issues.

ARTSA’s vision

ARTSA’s vision is to be:

  • The most respected industry body in our market segment
  • A valued contributor and participant in the framing of road transport regulations
  • The most valued industry body in the eyes of our members
  • Actively engaged in the development of new people for our industry
  • We want our member organisations to state proudly that they get intrinsic value from their membership of ARTSA

Core activities

Core activities that flow from the Mission Statement and Vision are:

  1. Promoting and advocating sensible regulatory change
  2. Sharing knowledge and skills in our industry
  3. Advocating the use and benefit of quality components and their identification
  4. Keeping members informed about important developments in our industry
  5. Assisting in the provision of useful market information to members
  6. Encouraging networking and the development of personal and corporate contacts
  7. Identify and seek access to research and development funding for equipment, parts and services in the road transport sector

See also: Representation

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